Market Knowledge. Business Savvy.

Miami Capital Properties. Your source for the latest information on Miami’s most exclusive real estate offerings.

Founded in 2010, and Brokered by Cindy Mize, our goal is to help sellers, end-users and investors identify, negotiate and attain profitable, successful and fast residential and commercial transactions.

Miami Capital Properties is very active in the Miami business community and strive to provide our clients and the community with the latest news and inside information as it relates to the Miami business and real estate arena.

We are data-driven and analytical. We know the inventory as well as the intricacies of the market. You can always depend on us to carefully run the numbers and provide you with the best analysis possible.

Our sphere of expertise is investment-grade properties; both commercial and residential, in South Florida, Mid-Florida and the general Mid-south region.

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Contact Us:

Miami Capital Properties

Cindy Mize, President and Broker

ph: 305.710.7640

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Commercial and Residential Real Estate in Miami and Palm Beach Florida

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