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My Office Furniture For Sale

Recently, I purchased my first, “desktop” computer in well, forever! Since I am doing more and more graphics and I’ve progressed from 1.00 readers to 1.25 strength, I made the decision to buy the AMAZING iMac with a 27″ retina-cooler-than-cool screen and delegate my laptop to an ancillary position….

While I am in love with my new technology, unfortunately, the custom granite desktop in my office is 26″ wide. So…Now I have to completely re-furnish my office, since all my office pieces are custom-made.

While I am working on getting my listings sold and/or rented, I am asking your help in finding a new home for my office furniture.

As I said, the wood pieces are custom-made using the finest walnut wood and no veneer. There is a hutch/storage cabinet, measuring 83″/93″/10″, which offers office shelving on one side and storage for fishing rods and tackle on the other. (Ya’ll know I LOVE my deep-sea fishing…) The desk is super long and is made up of a solid 105″ x 26″ BEAUTIFUL rose granite desktop, as well as 2 storage/filing cabinets. Both filing cabinets have 2 drawers; the 1st for the things you need most while working; with the 2nd drawer being for files.

I’m asking $500.00 for the 4 pieces, withe the buyer responsible for pick-up or delivery. Of course, my office will help in any way possible to help facilitate….

Here are some photos: Get in touch with me for more info: 305-710-7640 cindy@miamicapitalproperties.com