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Doing what you love, when you're good at it, makes everything else fall into place. I love real estate and I love making good, profitable deals. That's why I am a Realtor! Coming from the technology business, I am I intrinsically understand how to use the latest technology to serve my client base. But, I also understand how sometimes a hand-written note is just the thing someone needs to see. We are on the cusp of a new age, and I like to keep aert to both sides. Now. About me, personally. My husband and I live in Key Biscayne, Florida. He is from Argentina, I am from Georgia. Both of us are bi-lingual and bi-cultural. We are dog people! We truly LOVE the South Florida lifestyle. We have a boat and we fish, and take full advantage of living in a little piece of paradise. Community service has always been a part of my life and on Key Biscayne, it's no different. I love to get involved in the community and am a member and officer of a number of organizations. The American Legion Auxiliary is probably my most favorite. We help veterans and active duty military and their families. I am also a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Daughters of the Confederacy, The Key Biscayne Woman's Club and am active in local, state and national politics. Another of my passions is the Arthritis Foundation. Eight women and I have a team, A2A4A (America To Anywhere For Arthritis) and we run marathons all over the world to raise money to help the millions of Americans suffering with this disease. So far, we have raised over $200,000. When I have free time, you usually see me clomping around with my digital camera. Photography is my art and I relish the time I spend taking photos and looking at other people's work. And, I like to write. So. Here goes my blog!

5 Flaws That Sabotage Success

Lots of people I talk to these days are looking to start new business ventures or find more fulfilling jobs. As a real estate agent, I definitely understand the desire for independence and to do something you love. It can be hard to pursue success in a new venture, though. I’ve often wondered what stands in the way of our desire and our ability to achieve the success. Well, recently I found a little insight into this question.

In Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman’s book, “The Extraordinary Leader: Turning good managers into great leaders,” researchers identified five “fatal flaws” which were effectively “success killers.” In contrast to areas where professionals had “allowable weaknesses” (i.e. deficiencies in skills which could be avoided or overshadowed by other strengths), these five weaknesses were considered absolutely toxic to a successful career. The flaws included:

  1. Lack of initiative
  2. Lack of accountability
  3. Lack of openness to new or different ideas
  4. Lack of core interpersonal skills or competencies
  5. Inability to learn from mistakes

It’s interesting to note that these five flaws are generally organized around inactivity as a result of FEAR. For example:

  1. Lack of initiative = fear of making a wrong decision (fear of mistakes)
    2. Lack of accountability = fear we’ll have to face our own laziness or inactivity
    3. Lack of openness to new ideas = fear we won’t be able to adapt, or we’re being “left behind”
    4. Lack of core interpersonal skills = fear of social interaction, fear of low self-esteem
    5. Inability to learn from mistakes = fear of change

To overcome these fears, we have to transform them into hope. Understanding that growth comes from adversity, it helps to frame our fears as undernourished hope for change and prosperity. “Maybe I’ll get it wrong,” needs to become “What happens if I get it right?”

If you’ve found yourself hesitating out of fear, perhaps this will shed a little light on your own resistance!

Reflecting The Light

If you feel yourself overwhelmed from time to time by the darkness in the world, be it from current events in the news, or personal struggles, I wanted to offer some encouragement today that might lighten the burden.

The American writer Edith Wharton once wrote, “There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” Even when we find ourselves with so little light to share, the one thing sure to enhance our defense against the darkness is reflecting the light we encounter. When we act as a mirror, amplifying the light, we light the way for others.

1In that spirit, here are seven simple ways to cast or reflect light:

  1. Send a simple, honest compliment out of the blue.
  2. Give people hope through direct assistance.
  3. Introduce someone to a helpful resource.
  4. Provide pathways to free education and hands-on learning.
  5. Introduce two of your friends who do not know one another yet.
  6. Include people in efforts for common (or community) good.
  7. Find opportunities to be a good listener.

The next time you despair, rouse your waning energy to attempt one of these seven small acts. Though they may not solve all of your problems, or reverse the course of the world, they will give you a lift and light your way forward.

All the best, Cindy


If you’re like most people, you may wake up feeling like you’re already behind the proverbial 8-ball. The clock is running. There’s a lot to do. More sleep would have been nice, but hey, here we go.

Sometimes we forget to count our blessings for what we possess in abundance. If we have food, shelter, and our health, it’s easy to overlook these gifts. As soon as one of these “basics” falls short we have a dramatically revised view of our world.

There are people out there who struggle every day to make sure their necessary bases are covered. It’s all to easy to allow our hectic work and social schedules obscure the view of those in need. When we neglect to reach out to our neighbors, we both fail to do what we can to reduce suffering and we deny ourselves the pleasures of sharing.

Rather than submitting to a blindness common to the “luxury of your essentials,” I encourage shifting over to an abundance mindset. With an abundance mindset, you recognize with gratitude what you have and ask yourself two fundamental questions:

  1. How can I reduce someone’s suffering today?


  1. What can I give away today?

Good fortune may give you more than you need, making charity easy. Other times, you may only be able to spare a kind word. Regardless of how much or how little you may be able to contribute on any single day, holding fast to an abundance mindset can brighten the lives of those around you and make your days more fulfilling.

Action Cures Worry

At times, uncertainty can plague us. Nothing robs us of today’s real joys like the worries over tomorrow’s possible disasters. Unfortunately, in our attempts to predict the future, we shortchange ourselves of the moment we’re living. While there is a place for common sense preparation in our lives — i.e. preparing a hurricane kit, keeping an eye out for plumbing leaks, changing the batteries in our smoke detectors — pure panic about the days to come serves us not at all.

Or does it? What are we getting out of all this worry about our future? Why do we feel compelled to fret about catastrophe?

Worrying is a form of control. It isn’t a terribly effective one, as events beyond our control remain beyond our control, but it helps us maintain the illusion that we’re engaged with or vigilant about what threatens us. If you’ve ever felt like your problems will strike just at the moment you let down your guard, you may be addicted to worrying as a form of control.

Instead of worrying, I would instead offer you this alternative: Turn your fear and anxiety into direct action. Sometimes these actions may be small. It may mean joining a civic group matching your interests or writing local politicians about something you feel important. It may mean making small changes in your diet or exercise plan to help your health. It may take the form of meeting with a friend or counselor to voice your fears and put them in perspective.

Do what you can do, and try to put aside the “crutch” of worry. Trade it in for gratitude for what you have within your grasp, be it friends, family, or a simple cup of coffee and time to reflect.

All the very best,






Adjusting Attitude with Gratitude

“Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.”

-Aldous Huxley, (1894 – 1963) English writer


Do you have a practice for dealing with daily stress? I thought I’d share a simple and surprisingly effective exercise you can do each day that will not only boost your spirits, but lighten the perceived burden of “the daily grind.” No running shoes required! (WHAT? No running shoes required? Coming from ME???) Yes. You can do it without breaking a sweat, right from the comfort of your car, your desk, or even the line at Starbucks.

It sounds simple, but it’s quite powerful: Each day, think of five things for which you are grateful. They don’t have to be big things. In fact, it’s great to start with the little things. It helps get you in the flow.

Start with one or two basic things you take for granted, for example: “I’m grateful for a hot shower in the morning.” Or: “I’m grateful for a safe neighborhood.”

Come up with five new things each time you practice. You might find this challenging at first. There should be a little struggle, but push through it. “I’m grateful for the smile of the guy at the bagel shop.” Or: “I’m grateful for my family dinner on Sundays.”

It might seem silly at first, but you’ll notice that the more you express your gratitude, the more you’ll connect to a general feeling of benevolence for others and well-being. Really take a moment for each simple gratitude to sink in. Visualize what you’re grateful for and recall experiencing it.

This gratitude exercise connects you to the world in a positive way. It makes the trivial annoyances in life sting less, and reminds you to note what it is in the world you truly appreciate. When your focus shifts to gratitude, your attitude improves.

Give it a try this week and see what you think. Waiting in line, stuck in traffic, killing time between appointments… they’re all great windows to practice a little gratitude.

Sometimes my clients ask me how I keep my cool when dealing with a difficult real estate deal. Well, this is one of my tricks to keep everything in perspective. If you’re looking for a stress-free home buying or selling experience, I can help: Cindy or on my cell: 305-710-7640

Go in gratitude…..

Don’t Get Caught Underwater: Flood Insurance

Do you need flood insurance on your home? It depends. But one thing’s for sure… not knowing the truth about flood insurance can have a profound impact on your financial picture.

It’s a nightmare situation, and we’ve all seen it on the news before: Water lapping at people’s roofs, furniture floating in inundated living rooms, and entire livelihoods swept away by floods. Almost any waterway can become a flood threat if the conditions are right. What would you do if you found your home facing a rising water line?

Most people don’t realize that basic homeowners’ insurance policies don’t cover flood damage. Think snow damage or hurricanes are covered by your policy? Check again. Many companies will not pay out for repairs from water events such as these.

Some facts you should know about flood insurance:

  • Premiums for flood insurance will vary based on home construction, year, and estimated risk.
  • There’s a 30-day waiting period before coverage goes into effect. (Don’t get caught shopping for a last-minute policy because you see a big storm coming!)
  • If you buy flood insurance while you’re engaged in the mortgage process, you may waive the 30-day waiting period.
  • The U.S. government will not provide flood assistance unless the area is declared a disaster zone.
  • If you’re selling a home in a flood plain, recognize that the flood insurance requirement may be viewed as a major negative in buyers’ eyes.
  • Flood maps can change, so it’s a good idea to check net for information.
  • Flood insurance doesn’t necessarily cover everything in your home, so be aware of the terms of the policy.

While the decision to purchase flood insurance is ultimately up to you, provided you’re not required by your lender to have it, you should ask yourself if the savings is worth the risk.

Be prepared for floods by reading up on them at the website here:

You can also learn more about flood insurance at FEMA here:

Curious who offers flood insurance in your area? Get in touch and I’ll refer you to someone I know and trust:


Or: Cindy Mize, President, Miami Capital Properties


Renting and flipping new Miami condos is all the rage – South Florida Business Journal

Renting and flipping new Miami condos is all the rage – South Florida Business Journal.

The majority of new condo buyers in Miami have been looking to capitalize on their investments by flipping the units or renting them out, according to research by

Looking at the four largest condo towers completed in greater downtown Miami since construction resumed in 2011, anywhere from 45 percent to 96 percent of the units sold by the developers in each building were placed back on the market or put up for rent. That indicates a high level of investor ownership in those buildings, and also raises some questions.

With more than 18,100 condo units either under construction, planned with approvals or proposed in greater downtown Miami, according to, is there enough rental demand at higher price points to support that many new units? And how will they be impacted by the nearly 7,800 apartments in the development pipeline?

Here’s a look at how the four largest recently completed condo projects in Miami have performed:The recently completed condo towers in Miami sold in the mid-$400s per square foot, but the average price per square foot for new projects is more than double that now, principalPeter Zalewski said. When the sales prices climb, so must rents. Are there enough high-earning renters in Miami to fill those units?

Nine at Mary Brickell Village

  • Units: 390
  • Units sold/price per square foot: 300 for $501
  • Active MLS listings/price per square foot: 17 for $469
  • Units resold: 0
  • Asking rentals/price per square foot: 95 for $2.78
  • Closed rentals/price per square foot: 23 for $2.47

1100 Millecento Residences

  • Units: 382
  • Units sold/price per square foot: 376 for $435
  • Active MLS listings/price per square foot: 99 for $403
  • Units resold: 1
  • Asking rentals/price per square foot: 67 for $2.59
  • Closed rentals/price per square foot: 120 for $2.25


  • Units: 374
  • Units sold/price per square foot: 374 for $504
  • Active MLS listings/price per square foot: 91 for $627
  • Units resold: 7
  • Asking rentals/price per square foot: 64 for $3.63
  • Closed rentals/price per square foot: 77 for $3.24


  • Units: 192
  • Units sold/price per square foot: 192 for $360
  • Active MLS listings/price per square foot: 31 for $379
  • Units resold: 8
  • Asking rentals/price per square foot: 19 for $2.67
  • Closed rentals/price per square foot: 126 for $2.01

It looks like some of these condo towers are more like apartment buildings. Projects in other South Florida cities have behaved quite differently. For instance, in Broward County’s largest newly completed condo tower:

Beachwalk – Hallandale Beach

  • Units: 300
  • Units sold/price per square foot: 289 for $448
  • Active MLS listing/price per square foot: 49 for $532
  • Units resold: 1
  • Asking rentals/price per square foot: 6 for $2.97
  • Closed rentals: 0

There’s a fair amount of resale activity, but not many rentals. also looked at the largest recently completed condominium in Palm Beach County, Bay Colony Juno Beach, and found only two of its 121 units on the rental market, although it had 23 resales.

Coming Soon: EAST, Miami Hotel and La Huella Restaurant in Brickell City Centre | downtown – Zagat

Coming Soon: EAST, Miami Hotel and La Huella Restaurant in Brickell City Centre | downtown – Zagat.

if you have driven by the Brickell CityCentre lately, you will see that the hotel, East, is in construction overdrive! What a great choice for an anchor restaurant and for all of the Brickell Area!!

Miami’s Most Fabulous Condo Amenity Decks Of Today – Outdoors Week 2014 – Curbed Miami

Miami’s Most Fabulous Condo Amenity Decks Of Today
Thursday, July 17, 2014, by Sean McCaughan

A quick look back: less than a year ago and these Developments are still timeless……

icon night 031

Icon Brickell
Time was, way back a hundred years ago, if you lived in an ‘apartment house,’ bam, that was it, you owned an apartment among many others. And it was in a building with thick brick walls protecting ladies in lace-up girdles from the dangers of nature. Then, bam, came the idea of ‘Resort Style Living’ in, where else, but postwar Miami, when apartment buildings began duplicating the life style of the large new luxury hotels then making their debut. The Fontainebleau and Eden Roc inspired the Seacost Towers and Crystal House. Basically. And that legacy lives on in the garden of delights known as the modern-day Miami amenity deck.


St. Regis Bal Harbour

Robin Hill lobby restaurant fireplace amphitheatre spa rooms 022

Icon Brickell

Robin Hill lobby restaurant fireplace amphitheatre spa rooms 018

Icon Brickell


Icon Brickell


Jade Beach


2 Midtown


Marquis Residences Miami


The Flamingo South Beach


The Bath Club

Club 50-2ok

Icon Brickell

Robin Hill lobby restaurant fireplace amphitheatre spa rooms 017

Icon Brickell

club 50 and fireplace 123 crop

Icon Brickell


Canyon Ranch



Appogee Pool

Apogee Beach

via Miami’s Most Fabulous Condo Amenity Decks Of Today – Outdoors Week 2014 – Curbed Miami.

A Glimpse of Miami’s Future Skyline

Miami’s Downtown Development Authority has released a video that provides a glimpse of what the skyline will look like when the current crop of construction projects have been completed.

The video helps to visualize the massing of Miami’s evolving skyline by showing buildings that are existing, under construction, planned and proposed. Existing buildings are in white. Buildings where construction is underway are represented in blue, while planned and proposed towers are represented in green and purple, respectively.

It doesn’t include every project, and isn’t exact about height. Fast-rising Edgewater is mostly ignored.