Excellent synopsis of the change taking place in the downtown Miami skyline.

Metro Atlantic

By many accounts, the Great Recession is hardly over. With rising unemployment rates throughout Europe and continued stalled economic growth throughout the Western World, the global economy is still trying to recuperate from the excesses of the 2000s. The years between roughly 2002 to 2008 brought a massive building boom to Miami, particularly the Downtown and Brickell neighborhoods. Between these years, 48 skyscrapers (buildings taller than 400-feet or 120 meters) were built. These new towers completely altered the Miami skyline, giving it the title of “America’s third-largest skyline.” These skyscrapers also increased the Downtown area’s population by 30,000 people, growing from 39,176 people in 2000 to 71,000 in 2010.

This increase in population has brought renewed life to Miami’s inner city neighborhoods that had been abandoned since the 1960s for suburbs further away. Brickell, the neighborhood south of Downtown, is now one of the city’s most popular neighborhoods. Traditionally known…

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